Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer of Color-The Greenness of Life

This week our color of inspiration was GREEN! I of course, snapped up some pics and did a little Art Project, but I decided to do something a bit out of the box and  MAKE A MOVIE!!

Yep! It's called The Green Movie! I know, not so Original but the originality was not in the title, oh creative ones. The Originality is in the Making of the Movie and editing it and clipping and adding transitions and getting everything to look just right. Beginning with knowing what clips to take and how to showcase the beauty of green!

Before I show you the movie I want to show you a couple of pics of me in my Greenness that I wore for inspiration this week! I even donned my Green Glasses, Green Hat, Green Earrings, Green shirts and I even wore Green Undies (but I won't show that here lol), I wore Green Eyeshadow, Green Scarf, and used my Green Purse!

I also did a little Green Art Project and since I was doing things Out of the Ordinary here I decided to do a Bracelet...ok I did too and if you comment on this Blog I will draw a Lucky Winner to receive one of them! YES! You could win one of my Bracelets!! All you have to do is Comment below and I will draw you names next Sunday June 26th so that gives you all plenty of time to comment!! I have never done a drawing before and I don't have a fancy generator so I will be drawing your names out of a bowl! I recently won something from a Blog and it was so fun, that I wanted to do the same for someone else!!

And now for the movie....Sit back relax and listen to the sounds of Greenness of Nature...then comment below for a chance to win!!