Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun "In the Sun"-A FREE Online Class for Creatives

No, I don't over extend myself to projects and things I can't do.

No I wouldn't know what you are talking about.

No I am not taking on too many Summer Online Classes.

Ok, maybe I am but I just CAN"T resist! In the Sun Class I saw through another blog I follow Awkward and Beautiful by Natalie Malik and being that is what FREE and challenged me Creatively I thought, "You know SR2 talks about living the life we want and I really want to be more creative" so I have a few classes I am doing to stay that way. I am not allowing it to overwhelm though because that would be pointless I feel. There is no reason to get stressed about Creating.

This class looked like so much fun and though it is a daily class, because of the other classes I am taking and because I found that by waiting a few days in between I could combine what the teacher is doing and make an interesting collage. So now I play catch up with this one on purpose and I wanted to show you what I have done so far.

I was given a Free Sketch Journal from Dick Blick Art Store a few weeks ago and I thought it would make a cute book for my In the Sun course. I collaged the cover to emulate fun in the sun I knew I would be having through this course.

I actually did the cover AFTER I did the first few assignments, but I wanted to show you the cover first.  Isn't it full of vibrancy? I just love it (and it's good to be proud of your work!)

Here is what I did for the first page on the inside for the first few prompts for us to do:

I jsut realized I missed the Introduction (oops need to go back and do Prompt 1

Prompt 2 was for us to do a Self Portrait and so I drew a little cutout of myself and colored her all in in cute (next time make sure markers are dryer before collaging as color bled, but I used it to my advantage)

Prompt 3 was to gel MEdium or Tissue Paper and I learned how to use tissue paper from Melody Ross thia year and I have some old tissue sewing paper I have been wanting to use so I used that.

Prompt 4 was what we want our Summer to be full of and I have been holding this sticker quote around for over a year that I decided to use to answer this.

Here is all of it together:

The quote says "When Summer is here I like to walk barefoot in the grass and feel each blade running through my toes as they pass, Then I lay down and look up at the clouds passing by, Now I'll daydream for awhile, gazing at the sky"

For any who know me, know that I am very GO GO GO girl and so to desire something as simple as this probably seems out of the ordinary, but I really do desire to breathe and relax this summer and I felt this quote really spoke about it. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and how it feels beneath my toes. :)

I haven't done Prompts 5,6, or 7 yet, but I will be spending time at my sister's on the family farm in Boone, Iowa and while she is working on her classes I plan on working on mine. I felt what a  better place to be inspired that a place with nature, trees, grass, tree swings and fresh air after the rain?

More pics to follow later. I hope you enjoyed what I have done so far and It isn't to late to jump into this class if you are interested!