Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Love , Love

It is the weekend of Love. No matter where we are in life, in our journeys with love, it is still happening. Vday. Valentine's Day. So in honor of this weekend and since I am sadly behind on a few art days I decided to make up for it by doing a Truth Canvas instead of a Truth Card today.

The truths listed on the Canvas are :

"You are worthy of love and friendship"
"So many people Love you"
"Be gentle with those you love...always"
"Let the pure love in...all the way in."
"Love is always the answer..."
"Love is Good"
"There is power in unconditional love. love for the sake of loving, even if this love is never returned.:
"You are loved exactly as you are."
"Let others love you. you will both be changed in the process."
Love without expecting anything in feels really good."

"Do not lose hope in true love, it is what god wants for you."
This one I moved and saved for last because I am also going to take it over to my other blog and talk about it. I have been through two marriages and a few relationships. I will never lose hope no matter how my heart breaks. I am a dreamer. Dreamers never lose hope. that is why this truth is at the bottom of my canvas so I can always see it! :) It stands out among the others. JUST LIKE ME! :)

Paris card in the middle

silly me

I look like Vanna White :)


I am loving my Love Truth Canvas

more Love to the Love Board! :)

Laughing at me loving my love board

Love truths
Red Glimmer mist used

Heart Glimmer stencil used

Mod Podge Rocks
I sprayed the canvas all over with the Glimmer mist Red spray and then dabbed it with tissue first. let it dry a bit. Then put stencil down and sprayed it again on one side so it was more red/pink like over there to the left of my canvas. then carefully lifted the stencil up. Then I blotted it again with tissue. then I cut out the Paris Blank cards I had and brushed on some Mod Podge.  Put the Doilies down, then the cards. I used K&Co Letter for the L-O-V-E and also K&Co raised stickers for the edge and the heart.

Then I went through my truth book of unused truths and found all the LOVE ones and cut them to get out of the extra white around the paper. Then I mod podged again around the outside areas of the card to put the truths down. I use tweezers and my fingers to do this. when i was in Creative Memories we used tweezers alot. I jsut use a cheap $1 pair since it is just for art. It made it alot easier and I am not screaming at the canvas for eating my truth! :)

Then I Mod Podged over the truths and took the whole thing into the bathroom andused my blow dryer to help the drying process. I tried the warm setting this time, but it actually wasn't working so I put it back to Hot. but caution, don't hold the dryer too close. One it will blow your circuit breaker. Two it will blow your dryer. I learned this along time ago so I am remembering to tell you now. If you do use a real hair dryer and not an embossing gun, then make sure you keep it a distance from the art and sway it back and forth over the art and not for too long. It is JUST a help for the drying process, it still needs time to dry on its own.

So there you go.... :)

Remeber to love, Love and enjoy crafting. :)