Friday, February 4, 2011

Truth Card Day 6

I think I am off a day. Because I started on a Sunday not a Monday. I meant to start on a Monday. So my days of the week don't match with my days on the blog. :) So I am going to try and catch up if that makes sense to you all. Like today is Friday so I should be on Truth card 5 but I am on 6, how did that happen? I don't know.

So here is my card and this weekend I will figure that out. :)

So I used a Thank you card this week and I was so excited I forgot to show you the steps this time :) I cut the card in half like I have been doing. I found these cute K&CO raised sticker tags and the truth had to do with Cherish and I had a raised Cherish tag so I jsut went to town and then realized I forgot to take step pictures. Sorry :(  I got the cards at Target so they were cheap and this happen to be one I had leftover. Then I used an old cereal box for some raised chipboard effect for the truth.  I put my raised big Butterfly as my totem and walah! A Truth Card!

The Truth says "True Friends are a rare and precious gift...Cherish them, take care of them" That is how I feel about my new Brave Girls friends. I have found new friends that are rare and precious now. I never knew such love. Not from women anyway. :) Thank for reading my blog and I am glad we have these truths to remind us. I hope you all are doing your truth cards and enjoying mine. :)

I like to be silly what can I say :)

Ok here is a better pic of my  car and me

my card on my table

Birds eye view of card