Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truth Card Day 3


Truth Card "Remember how it feels to be home and Protect it Fiercely!"
I used the back part of the cardboard you get with your stickers and stuff. This one was from K&C Company. I seem to use a lot of their things. They have a lot of raised things that works well for me in this course and I like how it looks with the Mary Englebreit stuff.  Along the side is a raised Remember sticker and then towards the bottom is a little flower embellishment.

I like the little ME picture. I got this from an old Day planner that I kept around. The little girl is sitting in from with her cat and to me it is like they are guarding their home. So they are Protecting It Fiercely to me. If you knew My cat Dude you would understand that more. he is a bit of a handful and he protects me Fiercely so if I was protecting my home he would DEFINITELY protect it with me.!

Here are some pictures of my Truth Card for today and I thought  I would throw in a pic of Dude.