Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Art for a change

Some Art for a change

Warm Fuzzies
 I was talking to someone about Warm Fuzzies and what it meant and it was related to be like 100 teddy bears and so thus this Canvas board was created in my mind and thus on the board.

Weeks 6 work go towards the

Peace Path

Light Page Week 6
Light and Darkness cannot exist together
So this is about the Light and Darkness and how they cannot exist together. I finally finished it.
I found this online and added it to the front of my Journal

Added journal pages

more journal pages

The before picture of my Promises book
 I started working on my Promises book which I am giving a lot of thought to. So I at least started working on the cover and am happy to hear other BG's are giving this much thought too. :)
Before Promises book standing, chipboard and watercolor paper

Covered with scrapbook paper bought at Archivers

Added chipboard and printout I found online

Tissue paper, punch outs from Archivers, Mod Podged
Sorry I haven't posted in a week or so. I recently moved to a new town and new home with family. Getting accustomed to all of this has been a bit of a challenge. Where I live, new people, looking for work, etc. Plus, to be honest, I have been dragging my feet on the projects. I know I am not quite back up to full par yet, but I am "working on it" (those are my TRY words instead of TRY) so please bear with me.

Comments and encouragement is helpful  and appreciated :) Thank you