Saturday, February 5, 2011

What day am I on?? LOL -"Life Is Good" Truth Card

Ok, I don't know if I shoudl be numbering anymore because that is getting confusing. But I think I will start titling them. this one I am going to call "Life is Good". The Truth has a list of this and that " good" and I cut a few of them out.

"Peace is Good." "Dancing is Good" "Smiling is Good" "Laughing is Good"

If you know me, you know I like to be silly. I like to laugh. I like to enjoy life. I savor it. I love to dance. I love to sing. As you can see by my pictures even, silliness exudes. I love to smile. when I was 16 my best friend E said, "Did you know your smile is your best feature? Stop hiding it and show it off. " I have been doing that ever since and it feels great. As well, I have been hearing how much people love my smile since that day. Thank E for being bold enough to tell me that. :) Life is Good. I am glad I am here to live it. So I decided to make this Truth Card today as a constant reminder that Life IS Good and NEVER forget it!

I didn't use any Mod Podge on this card just glue stick and raised K& Co raised stickers I bought at Michael's.  the background is an old flimsy card and I think the Mod Podge would have bent it too much as well. I also used another recycled cardboard piece from a K&Co backboard to make it a bit sturdier, but still, it is not super hard.  The raised stickers are Laughter, Smile 7 Happiness. then I added my butterfly totems by using a couple of stickers.

Sorry video and audio not working today