Thursday, February 3, 2011

Truth Card Day 5

"It's Time to Love the Life you are in"

That is the truth for today.  Sometimes we need to just stay simple. Be direct and to the point. Sometimes we need to be reminded of these simple truths. We need to not worry so much about what the Jone's have and what other people are doing. We need to just love what we already have and what we are already doing. Love the life we are in. then things start happening. It's amazing how this happen but it does.

So for my card, I even stayed simple. I used recycled card stock from one of KC& Co cards that come in teh packages. I cut the top off so you couldn't see the K&Co and used a paper stock for the background. Then used a gray trim at the bottom that I cut in half. The Celebrate in the center is a raised K&Co sticker from a sheet of stickers.

End result, a simple Truth Card that looks pretty. Love the life you are in, and the life you want will start unfolding before your very eyes. I have seen it happen. Really. Enjoy.