Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You are Amazing! You Can Do This!

I did A lot of Art today.I guess I needed to keep a lot of craziness away? i was ancy for the lesson and I really did not want to be thinking thoughts so I filled up my head with art. plus I had things I wanted to try some new techniques so I did that as well. I am having one of those things are kind of scattery today as well as you will see and hear by my video. :)

So I tried the new Glimmer Mist sprays I got with some new screens. I like this whole negative screen effect and how this concept works. I have seen this in other art like on pillows and on canvas but it has been awhile. I would like to find other screens but the thing I was thinking is how cool would it be to make your own screens? Like I have my own business and how cool would it be to make a screen for my business name and spray that onto art? Or what if you had a logo and did a negative cut out of the logo and sprayed that? wouldn't that be cool? Yeah, I thought so too.

 The Truth says "You are Amazing.You are Powerful. You are Strong. you Can Do This!" I chose that one because the designs I chose were simple but powerful and I thought just like Melody says these Truth cards can be something we can put on our desks and something we can look at and remind us when we need them. I thought, well this could apply to anything and would be a good one for me or anyone even!

ThenI redid the cover on my Truth Keeper. This is where I keep all those unused truths that I keep cut up. This is what it looked like before I recovered it. It was a blank journal and it said The Story of My Life (funny huh?)

I glue or Mod Pdge the unused Truths in there. Sometimes I Write in there later or use them elsewhere like my Journal later.

Sometimes I just write in it if I feel it

I added a little HELLO sticker

A Picture of Me =Happiness
This week we are talking about This=This meaning what equals what in your life? what equals Happiness or what equals Bliss? And so on. When I was doing this recover I thought, you know these truths are About Me (which is why I added the About Me sticker below) and so when I was modeling I was very happy. That picture is when I first started modeling when I was 18 years old. when I see it, it makes me VERY happy. Modeling=Happiness. Also when I look at that I remember that my hair was SUPER long in that pic but it was layered so all you see is the front part but it went down to almost my knees in teh back and I got LOTS of attention. also that sweater dress, nylons and knee high boots were a hit that day. I remember I got that pic taken at Sears where my friend E worked and let's just say people were stumbling into things and over their words and tripping over their tongues. :) So when I see that pic I feel good again EVERY TIME :)

I used a Hallmark card to cover the book and wrapped it around and trimmed it to fit

me at 18 years, me at 40 years-same smile :)

I used the Mod podge srakle to keep the sparkle going since the card had sparkle on it. this was actually a Valentine card but I had to have it for this book. It was a $3.99 card and I knew when I bought it I was using it for this1 Is that funny or what? To buy a card SPECIFICALLY to take apart for something else? You know you are a serious artist when you are willing to spend money just so you can destroy it for art! LOL

The card jumped out at me. It was pink, there was a cute little park bench. Park Benches=Glee. Most people might not even know that. Hmm. one of those things Melody was talking about. Things you didn't even thing about coming out in your thoughts.

When I look at this card I think of Happiness I see pink, sparkles, pink and red hearts, a nice white wrought iron bench with fancy scrolls and a quaint little love pillow, pretty pink bows and pink trees.

This image makes my heart smile with happiness.

~It is like Happiness wrapped up in a hug~