Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lovey Dovey Truth Card

"You are more loved than you could ever imagine or understand"

Happy Sunday before Valentine's Day! 

I used one of my watercolor cards I bought at the very beginning of this journey. There were twelve cards in the pack and they are of decent size. Then I sprayed the card using the Glimmer screen and sprayed the Heritage mist on the outside and the Cranberry on the inside. Then I removed the screen and blotted the color on the card. (Remember to clean your screen right away or it fries funny and stains). Then I sued another one of my blank thank you Paris cards and cut it up and used a part of it. I had a punch out heart from some card stock I bought at Joann's and then the Dream is from a package of Princess chipboard I bought for Cinderella Princess stuff. Silly I know but it was the closest to Princess things that matched what I wanted. Pluse once I took a Facebook test and it said if any character emulated my dreams and wishes of love and romance, Cinderella was it. I was actually shocked because I always thought I would get Sleeping Beauty because that is the one I think more closely resembles me, but Cinderella it is.

I did so much other creating today in my Art Journal today you should go over to my other blog to see what I did over there. :) If you don't see them yet just give me a minute as I am working on loading them! I did ALOT of Art Journal today for our homework this week!

Keep doing your art and I hope I am inspiring someone, I know you are all inspiring me!