Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Truth Card Day 4

Hi Everyone! Whew! I was wondering if I was going to be able to make a Truth card today. I had a horrible migraine that I have had for days but it slammed me hard yesterday. I made my card yesterday, but had to lie down after.

But luckily after much prayers, happy thoughts and good energy sent my way I am feeling better today. I have a lingering migraine so I am taking it easy, but I am functional. My neurologist says that is the most important. Whether or not I can be functional. Just like the motto for this week, I am Doing it anyway!

So here is my Truth CArd for Today. I surprised you and chose something OTHER than a Mary Englebriet thing. MUWAHAHAHAHAAA!

the truths on the card are

"Believe in Miracles"

"There is beauty Everywhere"

"You have the power to do whatever you are willing to do"

"Look for the miracles...they are there"

"Expect Miracles!Expect them to happen when you least expect them!"