Sunday, January 1, 2012

CED-NEW 2012

The theme for Create Every Day is NEW....hmmm... so the last few days I have been writing and midn mapping as you will what NEW means to me or what I think New is...


Winter Crisp
First Snow
Bounce Dryer Sheets smell new
Washing Hands
New Year Resolutions
New packages of things
New Makeup
New Toys
New Ideas

Then I thought of those signs that look like they are yelling at you..

Plants coming up from the ground are new and so I sketched this too...

I thought of how we can BREAK off a piece of an old plant and start something NEW that could grow to be even better than it was before and remembered my NEW Bamboo plant I started by doing just that

I also wrote a NEW post on the first NEW day of the YEAR for my other blog As Days go By- CLICK if you want to read it. I did a Divine De Cluttering and brought in some NEWness today.

Then I thought, New Year is new...perhaps I shoudl wish people a Happy New Year...but since that is drab and boring, I am wishing you a Happy Hooo Year from me and Ollie the Owl

Your Crazy Arteest,