Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Sketches and Posing Kitty Dude

In an effort to organize and clean up a bit more I found this old skethbook of things I had drawn. Eyes and faces, etc. While I was organizing and had piles of papers over the floor Duded sat and helped by telling me like all men how I was doing it wrong.

Mommy that's messy, you really should clean that up

I found some eyes I did

More animated eyes for Manga and anaimals

Windy my manga character
 Then I found some drawings I was going to put in my Mangashon book. Manga and Fashion...MangaShon. Yeah, well, some drawings happened but I always put too much on my plate so this didn't happen either.
An Asain lady I drew for my Manga Book

Manga Shoes

Dude say "Whatdya want?"

Then he turned his back on me and told me to keep cleaning up

Here is another Fashion picture I drew

Close up of fashion

 Then I was snapping up more pics of Dude and got him not ready

Hey I wasn't ready!!!
See posing! "Aren't I such a pretty kitty?"
 Yes Dude youa re are a pretty kitty.

Much better