Friday, January 13, 2012

No Sew Sachet

I do KNOW how to sew but I actually am not that fond of it. I am currently working on a piece of clothing that I plan to put together completely using No stitch glue and maybe velcro or ties here or there.

This is a little sachet I made using the glue and not ounce of sewing was involved.

I bought some Fresh Lavender from All Spice here in Des Moines

Measured for size

Turned the right sides facing each other and glued then waited for glue to dry

Once dry I turned it inside out and put the Lavender in

I glued up the top and then tied it off with this cute pink ribbon
Ta DA a little sachet I can smell when feeling stressed or need an olfactory cleanse!

(Smelling Lavendar is part of my De Suckify List)