Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dragon, Dragon...I don't do that tongue thing...sssss

My morning started with me a moleskin sketchbook (I really need/want more of these) a pencil. a large sketch pad

No Tv.
No Music.
No Disruptions.
Just me, my art and dragons.

For Willowing's January Challenge we are to draw a dragon. I was super excited because I haven't drawn Dragons in a while but really love to. I share my former Dragons here

and now here is what I came up with so far.

The Dragon Piece I am working on now is a bit different and I am trying something mroe challenging. A warrior in addition to a Dragoness. Here are some preliminary pictures. Oh I also drew one little piece to add for now...

A hatching Dragoness who in my head is saying devilishly.."Here I Come, Ready or Not..."

I still have some scaling to do and the warrior. This is gonna take some time for sure, but ya know, I love it.
 I am happy with my progress as an artist lately. I really think I have grown and am growing.

I drew this on my own. (I did have a reference but I still drew it)

I did NOT use a light box (I have in the past at times).

I thougt up the idea, I am putting two reference photos together for an idea and I am the one creating it.

I am the Master in this Art plan of mine.It feels good.

Plus, I missed drawing Dragons with all their scales and detail. More to come as I go.

Thank to J who has always bee such a Muse and Inspiration. We taught each other I guess. :)