Monday, January 9, 2012

SOAR and Just Be Yourself! 2012-Week One

 One fo the things I really wanted to get back into was Journaling. Plus I have been a part of Just Be Yourself for awhile and haven't done much with it and I wanted to remedy that. As my luck would have it SOAR is here and I joined up so I could do both.

Whhn I was a Professional Genealogist I would constantly tell oters about the importance of this for posterity, etc. All of which is true and fine but what if you don't have any? What if you get to the "I don't care about my posterity?" point (which is where I was)

Well, I now say this: What about you? I have recently gone back in my old journals as a way of rememberabce. Remembering the good times, as well as bad. Remembering the things in my life I accomplished. Remembering the things I wanted to do but didn't and more. Looking back CAN be bad I think but depending on What you write, How you write it and How you see it when looking back all matters.

I say come join me and don't be afraid to write. Do an art journal, write thoughts, write goals, write accomplishments. Your journal can be anything you want it to be. YOU are the author. YOU are worth leaving something behind. If not for others... for yourself.

Here is week one (1) the beginnings of my SOAR work...

Happy Flying!