Friday, January 13, 2012

Living Radiantly

I haven't had time to work on my Radiant Goddess things as much but I did take some time to use a Sticker book I had and made a collage of veggies and fruits and something to make me smile

Then I used an old calendar, cut out a few sheets and glued them in a for a base or by iteself

Then I glued the Sunflowers...upside down LOL Oh well
 When I hear certain things they have been really sparking my creativity. I think it is because I am living so Radiantly. I used to pass them off but now when I hear here I have to jot them down or scribble them out
In Goddess Leonie's You Have Permission she mentioned climbing up a ladder to the clouds, this little sketch just had to come out of my head

The path to Love is the path to the heart. I am going to make this bigger as a reminder

Also in an effort to live Radiantly I put my Twinkle Lights back up
I really like Twinkle Lights.

They make me happy.

They warm my heart and keep my soul at PEACE which is my Word for this year. I already had them up I just have forgot to light them lately. So I plugged in and actually smiled a nice warm smile.

Keep living Radiantly! I know I will