Friday, January 27, 2012

Sketchy Thoughts

Sketchy thoughts come to me when I am reading my devotionals, some of my non-fiction self help books or even just when I am doing nothing. My brain is always working overtime and I am learning how important it is to sketch these thoughts and ideas down not just to get them out of my overloaded brain but also sometimes these little ideas have the ability to grow up and be a project or sketch or drawing somewhere else.

Ideas for Ribbon Bracelets

 I found a distributor even that might make these. It's a thought/idea. for SensaFashion..who knows.

The Path to Love is the Path to the Heart
 This one got to grow up and be in my SOAR journal. :)

Facing pages of sketch ideas

Calling the Lord
 Calling the Lord can bring you unspeakable peace. To the left the guy is calling God. "Hello Lord? Could you bring me some peace?" an arrow points to the other guy above the arrow it says "Moments to Days Later" This wire figure is in a yoga pose and says "Ahhh...thanks"

All we can do is ride the Healing Process
The wire guy to the left is sitting in a roller coaster on top of the track. Under him it says "The Highs", he says "Woo hoo" and then the cart is going down into The Pit", his arms down in frustration, he says "Grr", then over a hump of "FEAR"  as he screams "Aaaaaaa!" and the track winds around and the guy is on his way to "Overcoming It All" and he says "Whew" with his arms stretched out.

I finally put a face on one of my fashion girls and drew a formal dress for her

I started sketching the Femme's a bit bigger and started a design (poor headless girl)

Tired of letting you drag my heart around
This guy is walking along and he has one arm behind him as he drags a heart on the ground, scraping and wounding it as it leaves a trail of blood...

Heart Drag

Worry is a vampire
I read this in a blog post today and I thought about Worry as this ominous creature and bloody teeth.

Other sketches I was putting on post its. I put them in my SOAR book

Stuck in Sorrow (left) / My heart trembles at the Loss of Him (rt)
This wire guy has his foot stuck in the mud of sorrow. The right one shows a heart trembling.

(left) Physically, Emotionally, Bruised Heart/ Sorrow, Misery, Loneliness, Despair (rt)
(Lft) Brusised heart with a patch on the side, (rt) Wire guy with head hanging low and arms hanging low feeling these emotions
The path of Despair is bridled with Thorns/ Keep your Guard Up
(lft) A path with thorns along the side, (rt) a wall, barbed wire double strength fence wrapped around it to guard the heart

So there you have it. Some of my recent sketches. I have some I will put on my new Fashion Femmes site tomorrow. The site is still a work in progress and right now the Cart isn't working, so I might just link it to my Etsy account or something. But you can check out what I have now or wait until tomorrow or come back tomorrow to see the new sketches I am going to put up.